I want security and success for families.  I want them to have the same opportunities I had.  Our children deserve an education that is second to none, not second to last.  This will encourage businesses that have the best jobs to grow or come to Idaho.  Parents should be able to earn a living wage to provide financial security and high quality of life so they can devote the time to nurture self-sufficient adults.  As our parents age, they should get the care they need without bankrupting their sons and daughters.


Some of history’s greatest leaders paid a price for their honesty. I think we have all experienced situations where we realized that avoiding the truth would be the easier path. However, people deserve elected officials who will pick the right path, which may not always the easiest. The trust gap between government and community is largely due to dishonest public officials. I tell the truth because I want to be able to face myself in the mirror each morning and know what I stand for. Lying is complicated. Telling the truth is simple. 


Our word is our bond. I take commitments very seriously.  The direction must align with my values and I require trustworthy information.  However, once I do commit, it is a vow.  I will do everything in my power to fulfill it.  I think we all share this dedication.  When we commit to our spouses, our children, or our co-workers, we follow through.  We should expect our leaders to put their commitment behind their promises, and action behind their commitments.  


Accountability for our actions is something we learn as children.  We must carry this lesson forward to all aspects of our adult lives.  In government, business, charity, and everyday life, we all need to answer for what we do.  Justice in our courts needs to be administered equally, regardless of race, religion, gender, or financial standing.  The powerful need to stand in the same bright light of justice as the least of us.


Our systems need to be fair for all.  Many of our laws are built with loopholes that favor special interests that are not shared by the people of Idaho.  As we pass legislation, we must look deeply to see who will be affected and how.  We cannot continue to allow laws to drown out those with the smallest voices or steal from those with the thinnest wallets.


In order to get the best solutions, we must first focus on where we agree. Politicians should not retreat to their corners of support and dismiss the views of those who differ. We can go forward from our common goals so that we are equipped to make the right decisions to benefit the most people. Then we will be able to bring out the best from both sides to solve controversial and daunting challenges together.