Every child in Idaho deserves a top quality education so they have the foundation they need to succeed. Currently, our legislature isn’t fully funding schools with what they need, forcing local bond initiatives to shift the burden onto property owners. Idaho families deserve a fully funded education system for a brighter future for everyone.  


Idaho is 1 of only 6 states that doesn’t fund public pre-kindergarten. I believe we should be educating our children earlier so that they will be inspired to a lifetime of learning. 


We need to pay our teachers fair wages to ensure they don't leave to neighboring states. Currently, Idaho pays teachers 80% of what they are paid in surrounding states, and many are leaving as a result. I believe teachers should be paid fair wages so that our best and brightest can stay here in Idaho.



I believe that every working family in Idaho deserves access to affordable healthcare. In order to make that a reality, we need to expand Medicaid to ensure no one is left in the gap of health insurance coverage. Since Idahoans are already paying for the expansion through our tax dollars, it's important that they are receiving the benefits. I believe we should get what we paid for and help people afford the healthcare they deserve.



We need to keep public lands in public hands to make sure they are protected for generations to come. Climate change is affecting Idaho, creating swings in our winters, devastating wildfires, and declining meltwater that feeds our rivers and lakes.  This will hurt our economy, hitting agriculture and our tourist industry especially hard. Oil and gas corporations are finding their way into Idaho and people are seeing wellheads crop up unannounced near our cities. But we can have renewable energy sources in hand that will keep them from destroying our lands.  We need to invest here, creating jobs and ultimately saving money for all Idahoans.



Idahoans deserve to be protected from discrimination.  Our democracy was designed to represent and serve all of us equally.  Our government needs to reflect those values.


We still need an even playing field when it comes to pay equity.  Women still only get 76 cents or less for every dollar earned by men for the same work.  Idaho can do better than this.


We’re all part of a jigsaw puzzle.  Women and men, different religions and races, all of it fits together when we realize that no person is more important than any other.  Any missing piece leaves a gap. The beautiful picture is marred by the absence. Racism, sexism, and homophobia shortchange all of us when folks aren’t allowed to shine.  We need everyone’s thoughts, speech and different viewpoints at the table. We should all be able to give our best. The picture has a hole. We need to repair that.



We need a long-term plan to accommodate Idaho’s growth.  Already our traffic and pollution are reaching alarming levels.  Our schools, roads, and bridges all need to be expanded for those who have lived here for generations, and those who will join us.  Idaho is growing fast. We can choose to let it overwhelm us or to reap the benefits of well-planned projects that add to our economy and quality of life.



Renewable energy provides great environmental benefits and strong economic growth.  It is a source of well-paying jobs that we desperately need.  Idaho needs to invest in our future by removing obstacles to this development.  We must limit the abilities of fossil oil and gas companies to take away our beautiful lands and destroy our quality of life.



In 2015 Idaho received a D- grade for Integrity in Government and Idaho State Government received an F in Transparency. Idaho is one of only two states that do not require legislators to disclose where they get their money and what special interests they serve. Those in charge have killed transparency by stopping a bill that would have required this. What are they hiding? Other responsible legislators have instead stepped forward and voluntarily made their records public.