I was born in 1957, the youngest and only boy in a family of 5 sisters.  My mom was widowed when I was 2 weeks old and raised us single-handedly for most of my home life.  She made sure we had all we needed - the rest was up to us. With the help of work-study programs and scholarships, she put 5 of us through college. My mom and sisters are the strongest people I know and are my role models.

I went to Stanford University in 1975, where I met my wonderful wife, Linda. We moved to Boise in 1981 and have loved it ever since. We have two great children, Sean and Bonnie, and our whole family calls Boise home.

After 31 years at Hewlett-Packard, I retired and decided that the next chapter of my life would be dedicated to giving back. I was given the opportunity to partner with the Stanford SEED program to mentor small businesses in West Africa as a new approach to solving poverty. With my business experience, I was able to coach small companies to expand and hire more people, and through our efforts, were able to build sustainable communities.


I returned home wanting to invest in my community in Idaho. I joined the Board of Directors for Artisans for Hope; a refugee-centered program that helps those coming from the most desperate conditions on earth to heal and become productive members of the Boise community. I now serve on the Board of Idaho Youth Ranch where we help children along the path from trauma to become successful adults.

All of these experiences shaped my values profoundly. I know that all people need to be represented fairly and everyone needs to have an equal opportunity to succeed. I have learned how investing in educating and nurturing children pays back in healthy adults, reduced crime, strong businesses and healthy communities.  And I discovered that small businesses truly are the engines of growth and jobs and are able to thrive in an environment where they can succeed. I am certain that we can and will make Idaho work for everyone. And that's exactly why I am running to serve District 15 in the Idaho Legislature.